Microsoft is acquiring GitHub. Decentraleyes is leaving GitHub. Welcome to its new home!

To participate, please register, or sign in with an existing, Bitbucket, or GitHub account.

Past contributions on GitHub? Be sure to reclaim your Comments, Issues, and Pull Requests.

New platforms:

  • The WebExtension now officially supports Firefox 56 and higher.

New features:

  • Implemented a domain protection toggle to simplify whitelist management.
  • Added support for the Icelandic language.

Other changes:

  • Updated the user interface to improve overall consistency and clarity.
  • Applied a wide range of performance optimizations and stability improvements.
  • Internationalized all recently added words and sentences.


  • Fixed page freezing issue related to the use of shorthand URL notations.

Note: Chromium builds of the extension follow a different release schedule. Chromium compatible releases will be labeled v1.3.7.x, until all releases are built from the same codebase.