Microsoft is acquiring GitHub. Decentraleyes is leaving GitHub. Welcome to its new home!

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Important: This beta needs one additional permission. Currently, Firefox does not impose storage limits, but Mozilla is reporting that this will soon change. From now on, you will be explicitly asked to allow extended storage of data. This improves transparency, and helps to retain flexibility.

New features:

  • Added the option to remove icon badges.
  • Added the option to disable metadata sanitation.
  • Added the option to re-enable link prefetching.
  • Added support for right-to-left, top-to-bottom scripts.

New languages:

  • Added support for the Arabic language.
  • Added support for the Hebrew language.
  • Added support for the Romanian language.
  • Added support for the Turkish language.

Other changes:

  • Extended strict blocking policies to unknown file types.
  • Implemented a notice related to unsupported languages.
  • Improved and extended various existing localizations.
  • Included several partially finished localizations.

Note: Chromium builds of the extension follow a different release schedule. Chromium compatible releases will be labeled v1.3.7.x, until all releases are built from the same codebase.