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A [Firefox add-on]( that emulates Content Delivery Networks locally by intercepting requests, finding the required resource and injecting it into the environment. This all happens instantaneously, automatically, and no prior configuration is required.

> **Note:** Decentraleyes is no silver bullet, but it does prevent a lot of websites from making you send these kinds of requests. Ultimately, you can make Decentraleyes block requests for any missing CDN resources, too.

## Roadmap

Now that there's a solid, Mozilla approved, foundation, it's time to move forward. Mobility, extensibility (through support for community-powered resource packages), and usability, will be the main points of attention during this phase.

#### Planned Features

* Advanced policy management for users who block requests for missing resources.
* Smarter resource version interpretation for handling dynamic notations.
* A minimalistic and non-essential graphical user interface.
* Support for custom, importable, library repositories.

> **Note:** These long-term goals are subjective to change, and can be discussed. That is, as long as the suggestions do not conflict with the ultimate goal of realizing a free and open standard for exchanging web resource bundles.

## Contributing

Suggestions in the form of **Issues** and contributions in the form of **Pull Requests** are highly welcome. You can also use the contact details and PGP key on the add-on [download page]( to get in touch.

#### Prerequisites

* Jetpack Manager [jpm]( (a Node-based replacement for cfx).
* Firefox version 38 or later. *If you need to work with earlier versions of Firefox, you'll need to use the old cfx tool. See instructions for [getting started with cfx](

#### Build Instructions (Unix)

    git clone
    cd decentraleyes
    jpm xpi

## License

[MPL 2.0](