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Glad to be here!

This is meant to be proof of concept, I won't take it further unless it's acceptable. It edits the source (before FF sets about processing the response data) and removes 'crossorigin' from the script tag. I think Thomas had said that removing the attribute doesn't work; but in this approach it does work on the test page code (which I used on localhost) shown here

The regex is faulty and needs adjustment! ...because it also deletes 'crossorigin' from unintended places. Pardon me, but I really dislike composing regex. It is meant to replace 'crossorigin' only when found within a script tag.

Won't work on jsFiddle because of how things are nested there. Not tested extensively in the wild. It needs also to handle large pages as demonstrated at: (the 2nd example there).

It might be possible to edit the data without filtering (and thereby be faster), as done on an MDN example.

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