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Add partial support for Sinhala

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"extensionDescription": {
"message": "Protects you against tracking through \"free\", centralized, content delivery.",
"description": "Extension description."
"disableProtectionTitle": {
"message": "මෙම අඩවිය සඳහා ආරක්ෂාව අබල කරන්න",
"description": "Disable protection title."
"enableProtectionTitle": {
"message": "ආරක්ෂාව සබල කරන්න",
"description": "Enable protection title."
"amountInjectedTitle": {
"message": "Counter for locally injected resources",
"description": "Amount injected title."
"amountInjectedDescription": {
"message": "Amount of local Content Delivery Network resource injections since installation.",
"description": "Amount injected description."
"optionsTitle": {
"message": "විකල්ප",
"description": "Options title."
"showIconBadgeTitle": {
"message": "Display injection counts on icon",
"description": "Show icon badge title."
"showIconBadgeDescription": {
"message": "Show the number of injected resources on the extension icon.",
"description": "Show icon badge description."
"blockMissingTitle": {
"message": "Block requests for missing resources",
"description": "Block requests for missing resources title."
"blockMissingDescription": {
"message": "Cancel intercepted request if the required resource is not locally available.",
"description": "Block requests for missing resources description."
"disablePrefetchTitle": {
"message": "Disable link prefetching",
"description": "Disable prefetch title."
"disablePrefetchDescription": {
"message": "Prevent disallowed requests from leaking out to delivery networks.",
"description": "Disable prefetch description."
"stripMetadataTitle": {
"message": "Strip metadata from allowed requests",
"description": "Strip metadata title."
"stripMetadataDescription": {
"message": "Erase sensitive data from allowed CDN requests for improved privacy.",
"description": "Strip metadata description."
"whitelistedDomainsTitle": {
"message": "Exclude domains from inspections",
"description": "Whitelisted domains title."
"whitelistedDomainsDescription": {
"message": "Enter domains to whitelist them. Separate multiple entries with semi-colons (;).",
"description": "Whitelisted domains description."
"advancedLabel": {
"message": "වැඩිදුර",
"description": "Advanced label."
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